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TOP NEWS It’s Time to Rethink Wine Criticism Domestic Sparkling Wines Tap Premiumization Trend On average, 25% of wine club members cancel each year (Stay for Average of 31 months) Bryant Estate legal fight offers glimpse into ‘cult’ wineries’ secretive world Domestic Wines Boost U.S. Wine Sales in May The EPA says a chemical in […]
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Bryant Estate legal fight offers glimpse into ‘cult’ wineries’ secretive world

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July 18, SF Chronicle: Bryant Estate legal fight offers glimpse into ‘cult’ wineries’ secretive world June 3, 2019 email from SF Chronicle:  (Journalists’ credibility is only as good as their word.) June 3, 2019 – The original Wine Industry Insight Article: Bryant Family Vineyards facing serious financial accusations in federal court
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TOP NEWS Wine’s “new normal” nose dive likely a permanent loss Wine industry fails to respond to the serious flaws found in Lancet study “debunking myth” of healthy moderate alcohol consumption Total U.S. BevAlc consumption has been in decline for more than a decade now Misleading Move to Monetize Historic To Kalon Legacy in the […]
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Wine industry fails to respond to the serious flaws found in Lancet study “debunking myth” of healthy moderate alcohol consumption

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  NOTE: A link to this article was published in the May 15, 2019 issue of Wine Industry Insight’s daily “News Fetch.” The wine industry has not lifted the smallest of its pinky fingers to inform consumers of the numerous, well-documented fatal flaws in the study published on The Lancet.  Failing to act contributes to […]
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Total U.S. BevAlc consumption has in decline for more than a decade now

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Source: Silicon Valley Bank: Wine Consumption Probably Won’t Return to “Normal”
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TOP NEWS The RNDC-Young’s Deal Creates A New Landscape Within The Middle Tier Will Vinexpo’s decline drag down other European trade shows? Small retailers’ sales take a hit from tariff hikes, but most will not raise prices Fire destroys Moyer Winery in Ohio Five Times Robert Parker Moved the Bordeaux Market Does Majestic’s move online […]
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Small retailers’ sales take a hit from tariff hikes, but most will not raise prices

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Source: QuickBridge via 360 Digital Commerce
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Connecticut Will Permit Direct Shipping of Wine by Retailers in July

Ship Compliant Wine Blog - Thu, 06/13/2019 - 11:44

Beginning July 1, 2019, Connecticut will become the latest state to permit the direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping of wine by out-of-state retailers.

Governor Ned Lamont signed SB 647 on June 5. The new law amended many provisions of the state’s alcohol statutes, including the current rules for wineries’ DtC shipments of wine, which now include language opening the state to DtC shipping of wine by retailers.

Retailers looking to make DtC shipments of wine to Connecticut consumers will have to comply with the same regulations that have long applied to wineries. These include:

  • License — Retailers must apply for, and receive, a Retailer Wine Shipper’s Permit from the Connecticut Liquor Control Division. The annual cost of this license is $600. (The annual license cost for wineries remains unchanged at $315).
  • Consumer volume limits — Direct shippers may ship no more than 5 gallons of wine in any two-month period. This is roughly the equivalent of two 9-liter cases of wine.
  • Collect and remit taxes — Direct shippers must remit to Connecticut both excise taxes and sales taxes on their DtC sales to the state. Connecticut’s sales tax rate is 6.35 percent with no local taxes. (Connecticut changed its excise tax rates for wine and spirits in a separate bill; these rates are described below.)
  • Report sales — Direct shippers must file a monthly report of wine shipments to the state. This report is in addition to the excise and sales tax returns, and must provide details on each order shipped, such as the recipient’s name and address, and the contents of the package.
  • Advertising restrictions — When advertising or offering wine to Connecticut consumers via the Internet or other media, direct shippers must include their Connecticut shipper’s permit number.
  • Do not sell below cost — Direct shippers must comply with section 30-68m of the Connecticut Revised Statutes, which prohibits retailers from selling wine in Connecticut for a price less than what they paid for it at wholesale.
  • Package labels — Direct shippers must place a label on any package containing wine that reads, “CONTAINS ALCOHOL SIGNATURE OF A PERSON AGE 21 OR OLDER REQUIRED FOR  DELIVERY.”
  • Obtain consumer signature — Direct shippers must either also hold an in-state transporter’s permit or work only with parties licensed as in-state transporters. In addition, before a delivery can be finalized, recipients of the delivery must show their IDs proving they are of age to receive wine and provide their signature.

With the passage of SB 647, Connecticut joins the small, but growing, ranks of states that permit out-of-state retailers to make shipments of wine direct to consumers. Currently, the other states are: Alaska, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. (California, New Mexico, and Idaho also permit retailers in each others’ states to ship to their residents.)

The opening of another state to DtC shipping is part of a positive trend. By establishing rules and regulations for how retailers can join into the Connecticut DtC market, the state is enabling itself to effectively monitor, tax, and police that market. This, in turn, means the residents of Connecticut can legally access a national selection of wines that might otherwise not be made available locally.

Connecticut also raises excise taxes

In addition to SB 647, the governor signed HB 7427, the state’s budget. This bill includes a 10 percent increase on Connecticut’s excise taxes on wine and spirits, which will become effective October 1, 2019. Thereafter, the taxes on alcohol in the state will be as follows:

  • Still wine with an ABV of 21 percent or less: $0.79 per gallon (up from $0.72)
  • Still wine with an ABV greater than 21 percent, and all sparkling wine: $1.98 per gallon (up from $1.80)
  • Liquor: $5.94 per gallon (up from $5.40)
  • Liquor coolers, with an ABV no greater than 7 percent: $2.71 per gallon (up from $2.46)
  • Beer, and cider with an ABV no greater than 7 percent: $7.92 per barrel; $3.96 per half-barrel; $1.98 per quarter-barrel; or $0.26 per gallon (remains unchanged)

Request a demo of ShipCompliant, or discover how ShipCompliant by Sovos gives wineries control over DtC compliance and reporting.


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TOP NEWS FedEx, UPS still not shipping wines to states that allow it Consumer Disloyalty is the New Normal Majestic Wine stock falls on surprise chairman exit, no dividend Americans’ One-Sided Love for European Wines Waterstones owner Elliott gatecrashes Majestic party Use this free guide to choose the right management software to run your winery. […]
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Jean-Charles Boisset Introduces Napa Valley’s First Wine History Museum and Tasting Salon: 1881 Napa

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1881 Napa Showcases Napa Valley Wines and History in Historic Victorian Home Adjacent to the Oakville Grocery   OAKVILLE, CA (June 12, 2019) – 1881 Napa, Napa Valley’s first wine history museum and tasting salon, is now open. Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of Boisset Collection, has created an homage to Napa Valley, with a tasting room […]
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Wonderful Nurseries Welcomes Ken Noren to Their Sales Team to Head Up Their Northern California, Oregon & Washington Vine Sales

Wine Industry Insight RSS - Wed, 06/12/2019 - 12:35
NEWS RELEASE – JUNE 13, 2019 Wonderful Nurseries is pleased to announce that Ken Noren, a well-respected industry fixture, has joined Wonderful Nurseries as their Northern California, Oregon & Washington Vine Sales Representative. Ken returns to a familiar area of expertise that will enable the company to broaden their “Growers First” approach.   Ken will […]
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The Vinners: Customer Awards Announced at the 2019 ShipCompliant Wine Summit

Ship Compliant Wine Blog - Wed, 06/12/2019 - 11:17

Another top-shelf ShipCompliant Wine Summit in the books. After a day of learning, sharing, networking and wine drinking, ShipCompliant by Sovos exclusively announced the winners of our first annual customer awards: The Vinners.

A reaction to new forces in the wine market

With Millennials replacing Boomers as key demand drivers, wineries have quickly adapted to emerging market trends, as exemplified by The Vinners. In a world dominated by social media and graphics, it’s important to stand out visually and grab the attention of consumers. Increasingly, wineries are taking notice that creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere can quickly turn first-time guests into loyal customers.

The age of Amazon and same-day delivery has made ecommerce a necessity for wineries, so having an organized, straightforward website is crucial. As made evident in the ShipCompliant DtC report, purchasing wine is no longer exclusively an in-person activity; it has transformed by expanding the avenues utilized to promote  wineries’ brands and how they engage wine drinkers.

How the Vinners won

Wineries were able to nominate themselves or other ShipCompliant customers for a chance to win in any of the following categories: Most Creative and Captivating Label, Most Engaging Tasting Room Experience, Most Successful Wine Club Promotion and Must-Follow Instagram Account.

Member of the ShipCompliant team had their work cut out for them, with numerous strong nominations received in each category. After much consideration, the following Vinners were selected and announced during our closing session, a perfect way to kick off the wine party. We are very excited to share here the winners of our first annual Vinners awards:

And the Vinners are….

Most Creative and Captivating Label: Wine Guerrilla 

wine guerrilla

Most Engaging Tasting Room Experience: Del Dotto Vineyards

del dotto

Most Successful Wine Club Promotion: nakedwines.com

naked wines

Must-Follow Instagram Account: Messina Hof Winery

messina hof

ShipCompliant congratulates the winners and all our customers for their hard work and valuable contributions to the wine community over the past year. It was great to connect and learn some new best practices from the winners, especially during our wine party.


Attendees, we’d love to hear your feedback. We aim to make each summit more memorable than the last. We want your input when it comes to speakers, new topics and new ways to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

See You Next Year!

We’ll hope to see you next Spring for the 2020 ShipCompliant Wine Summit. In the meantime, keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Find out how ShipCompliant by Sovos can help your winery achieve compliance.

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TOP NEWS Ecommerce #1 DTC Wine Sales Says 2019 WineDirect Report Wine Club DtC Sales soar 54% since 2015 – Far Outpaces PoS and Web The real reason well-educated people spend 9x more on booze In Wine Law, Be Careful What You DO NOT Ask For Aussie police make embarrassing admission in $5m unsolved wine […]
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New WineDirect Report Reveals Ecommerce as Largest Opportunity for DTC Wine Sales

Wine Industry Insight RSS - Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:27
Wineries selling direct-to-consumer can take their businesses to the next level by leveraging online sales, moving to mobile, and valuing the tasting room as a customer acquisition engine.   June 11, 2019 – A report released today by WineDirect, the winery’s leading partner in direct-to-consumer (DTC) services, indicates there is significant room for wineries to […]
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Wine Club DtC Sales soar 54% since 2015 – Far Outpaces PoS and Web

Wine Industry Insight RSS - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 19:22
Source: 2019 Wine Direct Sales Report
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ICYMI: ShipCompliant by Sovos Wine Summit 2019

Ship Compliant Wine Blog - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 17:02

More than 300 customers, partners and industry luminaries joined us at this year’s ShipCompliant by Sovos annual Wine Summit in Napa. If you were there, you know it featured a rich exchange of ideas about how wineries can manage compliance and improve customer experience in the digital age. And if you missed it, here’s a glimpse of the event:

From wine tourism experiences to regulatory updates

Keynote speaker Robin Shaw, a specialist in wine tourism development and consultant for Wine Tourism Australia, emphasized the winery experience in the opening session. Robin worked for decades to help wineries improve their consumer experiences and grow their businesses. She showcased a number of standout wineries from around the world that have improved consumer experiences by establishing relaxed and friendly attitudes, installing unique and alluring artwork, providing kid-friendly or alternative entertainment options, and incorporating local environment and culture into tasting rooms.

One of the other highlights of the event was the regulators panel, where attendees heard directly from the agencies governing the wine industry. This year’s panel included Janelle Christian, industry outreach program manager with the TTB; Matthew Botting, general counsel for the California ABC; and Kelly Routt, director of administrative policy and process for the Oregon LCC. They discussed a range of issues affecting the wine industry, including how wineries may — and may not — interact with marijuana, what has been happening with recent trade practice enforcement; winery advertising restrictions and social media; and recent changes to wine labeling rules. The regulators stressed caution on emerging topics, like marijuana, while the rules are still developing.

Shipper success and sales tax in the DtC channel

We also announced the ShipCompliant Carrier Compliance portal. FedEx is the first to adopt this new tool, developed to help secure the DtC channel for wineries and carriers alike by managing shippers’ license information. FedEx speakers joined ShipCompliant by Sovos leaders to discuss the development of this solution, why FedEx took this approach, and what wineries and retailers can expect, whether they’re ShipCompliant customers or not.

More than 64 percent of the DtC channel goes to states that require carrier reporting. Without automation or proactive license checks, carriers risk non-compliance, and therefore, wineries are also at risk when delivering to those states.

ShipCompliant streamlines the required data sharing of licensing between FedEx and its shippers. For ShipCompliant clients, the change is minimal. They just need to add their FedEx account numbers to their ShipCompliant accounts. Wineries or retailers that are not using ShipCompliant can create an account in the new License Portal and input their DtC permit information, which is then immediately shared with FedEx. Gone are the days of mailing in copies of permits or lag times in deliveries due to permit review.

We also dove deeply into sales tax, which has long been a source of confusion and complexity. That ratcheted up in the last year, since the Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that states have freer rein to require out-of-state businesses to collect sales tax.

Chuck Maniace, Sovos vice president of regulatory analysis and design, explained that the impact of Wayfair has been less traumatic for wineries than it has been for the broader market of remote sellers.This is because DtC wine shippers have long been required to assume a sales tax liability in most states they ship to as a precondition of getting a DtC shipping license.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and Chuck highlighted states that have passed post-Wayfair rules that have changed things for DtC wine shippers. Colorado stands out largely because of how complicated the state’s sales tax regulations are, whereas California is notable as it has implemented a destination-based tax calculation system, meaning wineries shipping within the state must calculate and collect local taxes from many more locations.

Compliance, data and customer experience in the digital age

We hosted several panels focused on the critical issues wineries face in the digital age. For example, ShipCompliant Regulatory Counsel Alex Koral moderated a discussion involving Rebecca Stamey-White, partner at Hinman & Carmichael, and Sean O’Leary, president of O’Leary Legal and Policy Group. Together, they analyzed several major ongoing lawsuits, including Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Ass’n v. Thomas, which is pending a decision from the Supreme Court. They also provided an advocate’s perspective on the trade practice enforcement actions and the spate of new alternative distributor arrangements that have recently debuted.

They also ranged into the broader question of how suited beverage alcohol regulations are to the modern marketplace, as well as consumer expectations in a world of Amazon and Instagram.

Meanwhile, John Curnutt, revenue and systems specialist at Chateau Montelena, discussed the winery’s process for gathering, analyzing and acting on its data to glean business insights. Adrienne Stillman, marketing director at WineDirect, John Keleher, founder at Community Benchmark, and Andrew Adams, editor, Wines Vines Analytics shared tips on what data is available to wineries to help better understand their customers.

And building off the themes of our opening keynote, Zach Kamphuis from Commerce7, Juli Barron from Opus One and Adam Ivor from Gliding Eagle joined Curry Wilson, strategic partner manager for ShipCompliant, to discuss the most important customer experience tools for wineries to manage their websites, marketing and delivery. Conversation ranged from the importance of making the international channel feel welcome and important to a winery, both in person when they visit, to the need for fast websites, since more than half of potential customers will leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

The wrap up

In addition to lots of learning and networking opportunities, we hosted our first customer awards this year. The Vinners showcased the amazing work our customers have done and set the stage for our annual tradition: wine hour. Honorees includedWine Guerrilla, Del Dotto Vineyards, nakedwines.com and Messina Hof Winery.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors for making this year’s GCS Wine Summit possible:

  • FedEx
  • WineDirect
  • Wineshipping
  • Wines Vines Analytics
  • Gliding Eagle
  • Copper Peak Logistics
  • Commerce7
  • Pack n’ Ship Direct
  • Cellar
  • Astra Digital
  • UPS
  • VinSuite
  • MainFreight
  • WineCo
  • Esker
  • Parsyl

And finally, thank you to Steve Gross, vice president, state relations at the Wine Institute, who helped close the day with his much-anticipated state of the DtC industry.

Our appreciation to all of you who attended. We’re already planning and anticipating next year’s event and hope to see you there.


Find out how ShipCompliant helps wineries navigate the complexities of wine regulations and ensure both compliance and profitability.

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TOP NEWS A Ten-Year Plan To Reduce Global Alcohol Consumption Is Showing Results People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the ‘sober curious’ Costco’s Beverage Alcohol Sales Top $4 Billion Wine clubs may be focusing on the wrong customers U.S. to ‘Do Something’ About French Wine Tariffs Wine Industry Anxiously Awaits Supreme Court […]
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US craft beer slows while craft spirits take off

Wine Industry Insight RSS - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 09:19
Source: BeverageDaily.Com
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