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Check out this great idea!  An unbreakable wine tasting glass, can go in the dishwasher, you can pack it in your luggage, serve wine or beer poolside and not worry about broken glass.

Send us a product inquiry if you are interested in stocking these in your store, carrying these at your wholesale distributor or if you are a consumer interested in purchasing a set.



Picnic perfect - LA Times article - March 26, 2008
This tulip-shaped, stemless glass is elegant yet shatterproof.

It's the dilemma of the picnic season: go with glassware for that bottle of Beaujolais, or play it safe with disposables? This reusable plastic glass offers a practical solution. The tulip-shaped, stemless glass is elegant yet shatterproof -- so you can wedge it between the salami and cheese without worries. Eating with your fingers? No problem. There's a handy thumb indention so slightly slippery hands can keep a grip.

Suggested Retail $2.49 -$2.99


144 unit minimum order


Wholesale opportunities available


Two and Four Unit Box Display Coming Soon


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