Wine Seminars Objectives and Typical Seminar Structure

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Wine seminar attendees' objectives

  • learn about wine in a non-threatening environment
  • expand their knowledge of wine
  • be able to express what type of wines they like and dislike
  • Pair wine with food
  • order wine from a restaurant wine list
  • pick out wines in a retail wine store
  • have fun with friends

Wine Seminar Objectives

  • "Teach" about wine in a non-pedantic way
  • make each session fun, informative and inspirational
  • utilize feedback from each session's attendees to personalize the week's material
  • cover a progression of subjects about wine, making each week stand-alone, i.e., not dependent on any other session
  • present each seminar in a consistent manner, including specific sub-topics relating to main topic
    • wine and food pairings=create menu with chef
    • taste a selection of wines related to the topic / region
    • sensory analysis of wines tasted: going through all the steps each time
    • what other wines taste like this one?
    • wine vocabulary building

Wine Seminar Typical Structure and Flow

  • Outline for this wine dinner/seminar posted online on website 1 week in advance
  • 15-20 minute "meet and greet" cocktail time before seating
  • Choose wines and foods (Woody and Steve)
  • Introduction of current week's topic
    • History of winemaking in region
    • Geographical and climate influences
    • Best-known wineries and producers
    • Q & A for input from group
  • Serve first course with first wine(s)
    • Sensory evaluation, tasting
    • Group discussion of wine and food pairing
  • Serve second course with second wine(s)
    • Everyone changes seats before this course!  Get to know your new tablemates
    • Taste and discuss second wine
  • Serve last course
    • Back to your original tables (if you would like!)
    • Taste and discuss 3rd wine
  • Steve will circulate throughout dinner to speak with each table individually
  • Group discussion of wines and food pairings
  • Preview of next dinner's subject

Wine seminar schedule featured on Steve's web sites, including facebook, my space, twitter, wine 2.0, linked in, etc