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Making an Impersonal Experience, Online Shopping, Personal

When a customer comes into your tasting room, service should be and always is the top priority. Friendly faces and warm greetings are prevalent and everyone is focusing on that visitors satisfaction. If someone has a question, you are there to give an answer. If someone has an issue or special request, you are there to resolve and fulfill it. Most importantly, your customers know how much you appreciate their business and them.

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5 Reasons Would-Be Customers Do Not Purchase

  1. Final Sticker Shock
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So, To How Many States Can You Ship?

Much has been written about the benefits of direct shipments to consumers since Granholm opened up many states to legal interstate shipping.  There is much worthy conversation about the growth in consumer shipments, the growing dependence of smaller boutique wineries and specialty retailers on direct to consumer sales in markets otherwise unavailable to them, and the greater margins to be realized by selling directly to the ultimate consumer rather than through the wholesale tier.

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Texas Two-Step: Siesta Village Market Back for a Second Look

It looks like the Texas retailer case of Siesta Village Market is headed back to court for a second look.  The plaintiff’s announced they are petitioning for a rehearing of the panel’s decision a few weeks back to refuse to rehear the case en banc before of the entire 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The plaintiffs understand it is necessary to exhaust their options before the full Court of Appeals before proceeding to the Supreme Court, should it come to that.  The plaintiffs cited the following in their petition:

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Recent Direct Shipping News

A few recent developments on the direct shipping front of which you should be aware:

Texas:  The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused a rehearing en banc of last January’s Siesta Village Market decision by a panel of 5th Circuit judges.  The panel had ruled to uphold the Texas law prohibiting out-of-state retailers from shipping consumer direct to Texas residents.  This means such retailer shipments will remain illegal unless one of two things occurs:

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Lesson Learned

As a manager (and parent), I am a believer that the key to learning is making mistakes. That is, if you make the effort to evaluate your mistakes and then do things differently next time.

Breaking The Slump

I just finished reading an entertaining book, Breaking the Slump by Jimmy Roberts.  Roberts is a sports reporter for ESPN, ABC, and NBC.  The book is specifically about golf, but the lessons learned from the dozen or so golfers he interviewed can easily, and I believe successfully, be applied to life in general.

Design your Store to Sell

Periodically, take a moment to step back and look at your store. Are you maintaining it regularly? Does it have a clean, tight presentation? Here are a few high level tips and suggestions to help you wipe the dust off your store.


Your store landing page is one of the most important pages within your site. Make sure that it’s intuitive and easy to use through strong hierarchy and logical organization.

Announcing the Launch of Inertia INSITE. Inertia’s Online Community Forum

Dear Valued Client,

Client support and education has always been at the heart of our mission here at Inertia. We recognize that selling direct can be complicated, and are always seeking ways to support your requests for more information, more opportunities to enhance your businesses, and more tools to help you succeed.

With that in mind, we’re very happy to introduce Inertia INSITE, your new web-based direct sales community.

Inertia Community Forum - A Roundtable Discussion for Inertia Clients

How Do You Manage Your Business Today, With Tomorrow in Mind?
A community forum

All of our valued clients are invited to join us May 19th, for a community involved discussion focused on understanding how to be successful in today’s market, while being conscious of long term brand and financial goals.

Please join us for a town hall-style meeting, with breakout sessions focused on stimulating lively discussion and collaborative dialogue. In addition, Inertia will be announcing the release of our brand new Online Community Forum, Inertia Insite.


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