Convivium Brands Sends First Round of Newsletters

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Welcome to our site.  We have just finished sending out our private label wine and spirits newsletter to over 3,000 contacts, from distributors, importers, trade commissions and exporters to hotels, retail stores, restaurants and chains.  The response has been excellent!

Convivium Brands is currently working on 4 projects, including a private label cognac, wines for a very upscale hotel, a themed wine for a store in Manhattan, and wines for a restaurant group.  We will keep you informed of these projects, and continue to post tips on how to make the process of creating private label wines smooth and timely.

The site is in the building stages at this point, but we will be adding sections in the next few weeks, including some contact information for graphic artists and product designers, to help you put together the packaging and the look and feel of your brand.

Please feel free to write about your own experiences in the blog, and post comments on the pages if you have any ideas to help improve our site.