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On Thursday September 18th I sent out an email press release to 1600 press and industry contacts announcing the release of Lipstick On A Pig Wines.  You can see the release on-line here

This is a special release for Convivium Brands, as it tests our idea of  "on-demand wines" to the fullest.

These wines will be labeled and packed only when we have received orders for them.  This is a fairly radical idea, and is made possible by our winery partner in California that has wines already in bottle but without labels, waiting to be packed and shipped.

The goals of this marketing campaign are:

  • Expand the visibility of Lisptick On A Pig Wines
  • Increase awareness of Convivium Brands Private Label Wines On Demand
  • Gather an email list of potential customers of the Lipstick On A Pig Wines

I am asking all of you to participate in our viral / guerrila marketing by doing the following:

  1. Forward this email to friends, family, associates and all interested parties
  2. Post a link to the press release on your Facebook, My Space, blog or any other social networking sites you have.  You can do this by clicking on the "Add This" widget underneath the press release on my web site
  3. Join Digg and Stumble Upon and click on the  DIGG THIS button under the press release on my web site
  4. Encourage everyone to sign up for our Lipstick on a Pig Wines release update newsletter here

Many of you are much more versed in how to do viral and guerilla marketing than I am, so I invite you to post to the forum on my site under the topic "

How to Viral Market Lipstick on a Pig Wines

" and share those tips and insights with the rest of us.  You will need to create an account to post on my site, but it is quick and easy to sign up.

 I have also started an event on facebook, for those of you that are members.  Find it here

Over 60 of you are receiving this email.  If you all can influence 10 persons to be excited about this fun project, and they can do the same, we will have a large consumer audience clamoring for our first releases!


All of you have expressed an interest in Convivium Brands and contributed in some way.  This is your chance to participate and help build our sales, without costing you a dime!


Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.


Best regards,


Steve Seltzer


Convivium Brands