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De La Rosa Organic Kosher Austrian Wines


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De La Rosa Wines

The winery is located east of Vienna, close to the Hungarian border, on the sunny hills next to Lake Neusiedl. This region,
known as Pannonia, is blessed with 300 sunny days a year, and over 2,000 sun-hours.
Moderate winters, hot, very dry summers and warm days in late fall characterise the climate.
Vines are planted on loess, black soil, gravel and sand.

Wines and Pricing

Taryag Gruner Veltliner $168
Sasson Sauvignon Blanc  $185
Simcha Chardonnay $185
Ur Kasdim Sparkling Muscat $135/ 6 bottles
Revere 13 Dry Muscat  $202

Shaarei Orrah LH Blaufrankisch  $202
Oneg Pinot Noir $185
Shiraz 248 $185
Yakeer Cabernet Sauvignon  $185
Lev St Laurent $185
Yarum Malka Kiddush Wine $168



De La Rosa Wines: Organic, Kosher, and from Austria

De La Rosa offers excellent value wines from Austria that are not only certified Organic but are also Kosher (Mevushal), hitting two of the specialty request areas in one package.

New to Market!

We are introducing these wines on a limited basis. Steve Seltzer will be bringing the wines to select stores, hotels, caterers and restaurants for tasting.

Pricing and information on the winery is attached.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call Steve at 917 459 6646 or send us an email (


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