Kobrand Corp Adds Italian Company, Lucano, to Portfolio

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Kobrand Corporation, a wine and spirits importer of global brands, has announced the addition of the Lucano brand to its portfolio.

This addition, effective April 18, 2018, allows Kobrand to complement its spirit offerings with the among the largest Amaro brands worldwide. Kobrand now represents Lucano Amaro and Lucano Anniversario Amaro — along with Lucano Limoncello, Sambuca and Cordial Caffé products — throughout the U.S.

Lucano was created in 1894 in Pisticci, a village in the province of Matera, when Pasquale Vena developed the Amaro recipe in the back room of his family bakery, the company says. Since then, the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation in the Vena Family.

“Our Amari are made of a unique blend of more than 30 herbs, and it is this secret combination that creates their unique taste, enjoyable for all occasions,” says Leonardo Vena, the founder’s great-grandson and CEO of Lucano. “They are enjoyed around the world neat, chilled, with ice, in a cocktail or simply with orange zest; the versatility of the products make them mixologists’ favorites.”

Beginning in the 1970’s, the Vena Family expanded its offering with Sambuca and Cordial Caffé. In 2015 the company added Limoncello Sorrento PGI (protected geographical indication), a 100% natural liqueur with no artificial colors or preservatives.