John Drew Brands Opens Distribution in Mass and RI

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John Drew Brands has announced a distribution deal with Horizon Beverage Group in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Founded by Jonathan Drew in 2015, John Drew Brand’s portfolio currently offers three spirits – Brixton Mash Destroyer, Dove Tale Rum, and John Drew Rye.

Brixton Mash Destroyer is a mash up of Kentucky Bourbon and Florida Rum. (90 proof; SRP: $39.99 for 750ml).

Dove Tale Rum is Florida Rum made from Florida Everglades Black Strap Refiners Grade Molasses that’s aged in bourbon barrels (80 proof; SRP: $34.99 for 750ml).

John Drew “Rye Whiskey” is distilled in Canada, then aged in Toasted Oak Barrels for four years. (90 proof; SRP: $49.99 for 750ml).

Having a partner like Horizon Beverage allows us to offer our premium brands to on and off premise accounts looking for products that break from the norm and taste good!” says Nancy Berkowitz, president of John Drew Brands.

“JD and his team have a visionary approach to the spirits business. From innovative liquids to dramatic marketing concepts that connect with consumers and their lifestyles, JD brands is fulfilling the beverage needs of tomorrow’s consumers,” says Doug Epstein, principal/managing director at Horizon Beverage Group. “We are honored that JD has chosen to partner with Horizon Beverage to reach the full potential of his brands. This is an amazing opportunity for both companies and will add high margin value to the consumers in this sophisticated beverage marketplace.”