Jägermeister Launches Mini Meisters Nationwide

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Jägermeister has officially launched Mini Meisters nationwide.

The 20-ml. bottles come in a “10 Shots-to-Go” pack. The herbal liqueur remains the same, made from 56 botanicals.

“Mini Meisters hail from European markets where they are the most popular size for Jägermeister drinkers and we’re thrilled to launch Mini Meisters for Jägermeister fans in the U.S.,” says Chris Peddy, CMO at Mast-Jägermeister US. “Mini Meisters are an exciting new addition for retailers and consumers and now with this smaller shot-sized bottle it leaves the celebratory toast moments endless.”

The mini packaging and glass bottle allows the Jägermeister to quickly chill to its optimal -18°C, the company says. The Mini Meister fits into a home freezer or a personal cooler for grab-and-go.

Available nationwide at grocery, liquor, drug and convenience stores, each Jägermeister Mini Meister pack retails for around $10 per pack.

Jägermeister also recently launched a premium version of its herbal liqueur: Manifest.