Mirassou Pinot Noir California

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Here are winemaking and tasting notes from the Mirassou web site on the pinot noir:


Winemaker Notes:

The 2006 Mirassou California Pinot Noir is made with carefully selected California fruit. The California appellation allowed the winemaker to choose the best fruit from each region, which acts as the foundation of this fruit forward style of Pinot Noir. Our winemaker, working in close partnership with the viticulturists, created an intensely flavorful Pinot Noir that reflects the terrior of the regions.

To protect the flavors of the fruit, the grapes were harvested in the cool of the morning and cold soaked for five to seven days prior to fermentation. Fermentation occurred at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with special attention given to the balance between fruit, weight, and texture. During the latter stages of fermentation, the tannin and flavor profile were closely guided to avoid harsh tannins from the seeds and skins.

The winemaker's aim with the 2006 Mirassou California Pinot Noir was to gently guide the flavors and components along their journey from vineyard to the bottle, resulting in a wine that is approachable while retaining the hallmark fruit-forward characteristics of Mirassou wines.

Taste Profile: Our 2006 Mirassou California Pinot Noir displays intense flavors of strawberries, pomegranates, and cherries. These primary flavors are enhanced by secondary flavors of floral and spice characters. This wine is at its best if enjoyed within a year of release, but should be able to age in the bottle for up to three years.

Finished Wine: Displaying intense fruit flavors of strawberries, pomegranates, and cherries, balanced with delicate floral notes, Mirassou California Pinot Noir is a bright reflection of our heritage as the pioneer of California Pinot Noir.