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Convivium Brands Works New Jersey : 16 accounts in 32 Hours

Convivium Brands CEO Steve Seltzer visited 16 New Jersey retail stores in a little less than a day and a half on February 16th and 17th.  The visits were commissioned by a private label wine supplier that was interested in seeing how the wines were being embraced by sales staff in the stores, as well as how effective the merchandising and point of sale were.

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On-Demand Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing

On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Convivium Brands can  save you money with our On-Demand Sales and Marketing program, while allowing you to focus your resources on achieving your annual goals.

Whether it is a market blitz to bump sales, re-visiting accounts that haven't bought your wine this year, meeting with your distributor or attending a portfolio tasting, we can provide you with a presence in the market at a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself.

What We Do

On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Sales blitz, wait-staff training, distributor presentation, ride-withs, independent market work...We can save you travel expenses by filling in for you at events on the opposite coast.

Private Label Wines and Spirits Sourcing

Convivium Brands sources Private Label Wines and Spirits from Wineries and Distillers around the world.

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