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Convivium Brands Seeks Wine for Retail Store

Tender: Convivium Brands seeks wines for California Retailer

Looking for wines at US $76 FOB and under for retail store in California.  Wines need to be attractively packaged and high-quality.  Shippers (boxes) need to be colorful and attractive, with the wording to be on the lower half of the box to allow for display prepping of the cartons.


Wine Wanted for China and Hong Kong

Convivium Brands is looking for the following wines for sale in Hong Kong and People's Republic of China:

Wine A is a varietal, value wine, price ex-cellars between US $21-$32

Wine B is a higher-quality wine, price ex-cellars between US $54-$65.  Looking for Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah or Zinfandel for the reds.


Quantities will be minimum 200 cases per item.



Airline Tender

Convivium Brands is looking for the following wines to fulfill a tender request from an airline:

8,000 cases each of White and Red - varietal is not specified.

Term is for 2009 boarding - All cases need to be 12 packs of 750ml.  Wines outside US are to be priced ex cellar..  US wines will be tax paid.  Samples will be requested if wines make the short list. If you wish to quote on this  I will need pricing, availability, vintage, alcohol content, any accolades by Monday of next week.


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Convivium Brands Private Label Wine Tender

We have had a great response to our last newsletter to suppliers.  In the newsletter was a tender for private label wines from France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Chile.  We have received some great pricing from some wineries that we have done business with or visited in the past, as well as some new wineries.

One of the questions that parcipants are asking us is, how do we guarantee that the restaurants, stores or other clients will continue to order private label wines after the initial purchase?

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