Convivium Brands Private Label Wine Tender

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We have had a great response to our last newsletter to suppliers.  In the newsletter was a tender for private label wines from France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Chile.  We have received some great pricing from some wineries that we have done business with or visited in the past, as well as some new wineries.

One of the questions that parcipants are asking us is, how do we guarantee that the restaurants, stores or other clients will continue to order private label wines after the initial purchase?

The answer is, there is no guarantee, other than to insure that all of our clients receive the best quality wines, hand-selected by us through rigorous selection, that represent the best possible value. 

We are working through this process right now, and it is very exciting.  We are receiving inquiries from suppliers around the world, asking how they can participate.  Our goal right now is to create an extensive catalog of wines from all major regions, in many price points.

Establish an account on our site, which will enable you as a supplier to fill out our private label wine submission form.  If you are a store or restaurant, signing on will give you access to our latest items and pricing and details on how to order.

You may also sign up for one of our newsletters, which will keep you informed as to our latest additions.