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A small handful of observations and predictions for web design trends in 2009.

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Will Kansas Allow True Consumer Direct Wine Shipments?

A bill has been introduced to the Kansas state Senate’s Federal and State Affairs committee that could finally bring Kansas into the family of states allowing direct shipment of wine to resident consumers.  Currently, the Kansas permit system is not truly consumer direct.  With the appropriate permits, a winery can ship wine to a licensed Kansas retailer for delivery to a Kansas consumer who has placed the order through the retailer.

It’s Not Just About the Kids Any More

The more we all read about Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other Social Media, the more the Internet starts to look like the domain of plugged in kids who spend their lives online.  Sure there’s a need to reach out to this new generation of wine consumers, but wouldn’t it be safer to ignore the internet and concentrate on old methods we know wil

Twitter and Wine Marketing

Notorious for outages, wasting otherwise productive time and allowing you to follow the thoughts of MC Hammer, Twitter may now be making its mark as a powerhouse marketing platform. Twitter, for those of you new to the whole social media thing, is a web application/platform that allows you to share 140 character messages with anybody who cares to tune in to what you’re saying. It’s really that simple.


I attended a great webinar last week that covered some tips on Email Marketing
I wanted to share.

Consider these tips before sending your next email campaign

Survive Tough Times: Maximize Your Winery License Privileges

Even at a small level, entrance into the wine industry is a capital intensive and effort intensive undertaking.  Purchasing premium barrels and grapes is expensive.  Equipment and space, even if you are initially renting, comes at a cost.  Let’s not forget packaging:  bottles, closures, capsules and labels add up quickly.  Finally, you have sales, marketing and overhead.  Oh yes, one more thing, you need to put this money out a year or two in advance before you ever see a dime of income. 

Allocation Timeline Checklist

Whether you need a refresher or about to process your first Allocation Offering in REthink, listed below is a timeline checklist with items you will need to complete.

Processing Emails:
Timeline: 2 Weeks Before Allocation Processing

  • Email Templates Formatted (Intro 1, Offering Season Opens, Closing Reminder, Thank You / Wishlist)
  • Send Pre-Processing Email (Intro 1)


January Brings Compliance Changes, So Stay Frosty

January brings a new year and usually that means changes to the compliance landscape.  Yes, just when you’re finally into a nice routine of filling out your compliance forms and knowing where you can ship and how much, the powers that be go out and change everything.  A new form here, a tax change there, some new volume limitation, or a new filing deadline.  It’s the kind of thing that can drive a compliance specialist nuts, as we tend to be rather detail-oriented creatures by the nature of our jobs.

Finding Optimism in this New Year: Trends and Opportunities

Amid all of the news of economic downturn, I think it’s important to call attention to some of the reasons for optimism for this coming year, and trends we can look to in ensuring it’s a good year.

The Promise of Millennials (born between 1980 and 1990)

Observations on Wine - Shipping - Compliance

This is neither a retrospective on the wine industry events of 2008 nor a prediction of what will happen in 2009.  These are simply my observations on wine, shipping and compliance issues as they currently stand.


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