Checklist for Processing a Wine Club Package in REthink

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Have you have ever processed a wine club and encountered a problem or two along the way because you forgot to confirm a few items?

Are you about to run your first club?

Well, as you begin the preparation for processing a package, listed below are some important REthink items, which should be added to your checklist to ensure a seamless club run:

  1. Check your inventory levels, SKU codes and bottle weights for the products that are included in the package:
    • Make sure there is enough inventory to fulfill all of the club orders.
    • Check the SKU codes and verify they match what you have submitted to your fulfillment house.
    • Be sure to specify a bottle weight for each of your product SKU’s making certain your shipping charges will be correct.
  2. Review all of the states that are activated to ship wine to and be sure they have a shipping method associated with them.
  3. When setting up the wine club packages double check your package price and shipping for the following:
    • The package price should be set at the Discounted Amount (i.e. total up the wines, apply the club membership discount and the outcome = package price).
    • Don’t forget to select one of the following otherwise SHIPPING WILL NOT be charged:**Use Regular Shipping Rates** OR **Use Flat Shipping Rate**

If you ever have any questions or require assistance with processing your club, please contact our support staff, we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Are you looking for additional REthink training on processing your wine clubs? Come join our next Clubs Modular Training session - scheduled for January 8th at 10am.

You can participate in-house or via a Webinar Broadcast. For more information on our other classes visit the following location: Inertia REthink Training Schedule