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Age Verification: Kansas Model The Right Step

Kansas became the most recent state to adopt sensible, verifiable direct wine shipment when Gov. Sebelius signed a law passed by the Kansas legislature that would permit Kansas residents to purchase up to 12 cases of wine per calendar year from out-of-state wineries who obtain a Special Order shipping license for only $50.  The law takes effect on July 1st.

Some people just GET IT… Period.

I’m spending some time in Florida, introducing Direct-to-Trade and some incredible wines to select accounts in Naples, Tampa and Orlando. I feel like I’m coming to a knife fight with a Bazooka!

Back to the Future

There’s been a lot of talk about the current state of the economy and how it effects the wine industry.

It’s A Tough Market Out There

As part of the Inertia Direct-to-Trade (DTT) initiative, I’ve recently spent time on the street in various markets calling on restaurants and retailers, introducing our DTT program and, ultimately, selling wine.  As you all know, it’s a difficult market right now.

Launching the Enhanced DTT Wine Distribution Platform

Many years of planning and one year in the making, has officially gone live! While still in its Beta form, provides one of the industry’s only ecommerce wine distribution channels, allowing wine suppliers access to wine buyers in up to 12 states, or over 50% of the American wine marketplace.

Direct-to-Trade: Direct Distribution and Virtual 3-Tier

Direct-to-Trade (DTT) is Inertia’s ground-breaking technological solution that allows trade buyers in key states to purchase wine online from participating wineries’ DTT-enabled websites…connecting buyer and seller in a manner never previously possible.  Boutique wineries producing high quality wine are able to reach restaurants and retailers in markets that were otherwise unavailable to them due to an inability to obtain representation in the traditional 3-tier system. 

Attention Sacramento and Lake Tahoe – Inertia Beverage Group is coming to town!


Inertia Beverage Group is pleased to announce a special wine tasting for members of the wine trade buying community.

Trade Marketing: The Message about The Message

If you’ve not done so already, you need to watch Tina Caputo’s brilliant “Robert Parker’s Bitch”. Setting aside the controversy, one of the many great points of the documentary is that wineries should not let voices other than their own dominate the message about their wines and brand.

Fight the economy like a Marine

“Improvise, adapt and overcome” is an unofficial mantra the U.S. Marine Corps has maintained since their inception.  Simple yet pragmatic, the adage has many applications in today’s dubious economy including the wine industry.  Those who adjust their selling and marketing strategies best can persevere while we all navigate the waters of this recession.

So, what is a retailer or restaurant to do when faced with a consumer base that has restricted their spending habits?  Learn who the audience is and placate to them with offerings they can justify.

Web Design Forecast: Improving Usability in 2009

A small handful of observations and predictions for web design trends in 2009.

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