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Observations on Wine - Shipping - Compliance

This is neither a retrospective on the wine industry events of 2008 nor a prediction of what will happen in 2009.  These are simply my observations on wine, shipping and compliance issues as they currently stand.

Checklist for Processing a Wine Club Package in REthink


Have you have ever processed a wine club and encountered a problem or two along the way because you forgot to confirm a few items?

Are you about to run your first club?

Well, as you begin the preparation for processing a package, listed below are some important REthink items, which should be added to your checklist to ensure a seamless club run:

Engagement and the Interactive Web

As the social aspects of the web continue to broaden and provide new and richer opportunities for consumer interaction, one thing has become clear – traditional metrics rarely tell the full story when trying to measure consumer engagement.   Some forms of interaction are easier to measure than others.  For example, you can use web analytics to view visits to your website and to get an idea of exactly what people are doing once they get there.  Which pages are they visiting?  Which products are more popular and where are they dropping off?  It becomes more difficult though, to get a feel for

Do you need a spin doctor?

“Flacks,” ”Spin Doctors,” ”Publicists,” ”Communications Professionals”. They go by a variety of names, but they’ve been around for decades and the wine business has its fair share. The question is, do you need one and can they help you enhance your brand and sales. Here’s what you need to know before you go out looking for a doctor to spin your story. 


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